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Restrict Internet access at specified times or on demand. Block harmful content, disable connection completely or limit
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11 August 2015

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The internet is considered as a treasure house of human knowledge. However it also hosts a plethora of content that is not suitable for kids and should be kept out of their reach. At times children are at maximum risk from dubious sites that can be used by malicious individuals to lure them. Given the threat scenario it is absolutely critical that you restrict and monitor the internet usage for your wards and the Surfblocker 5.0 application can help you achieve the same without breaking any sweat.

As opposed to a traditional website blocker tool, the Surfblocker 5.0 is a much more comprehensive utility. It gives you the flexibility to restrict internet access to certain hours in the day and prevent addiction to the World Wide Web. It can be tuned to restrict contain of a specific kind, say violent games, without the need to restrict individual sites. It also offers you an exception list which can be used to avoid certain sites from scrutiny. It allows you to place a password to restrict the internet usage while at the same time allowing specific services such as emails. The interesting product can also be used in an office setup to manage internet access for your employees and improve the overall productivity. With this tool you can simply restrict every social networking site you know while still allowing for access to resource sites like Wikipedia. Moreover it can be used to block content of a certain genre, say all job sites in one go.

When you are looking to restrict access to the internet for your kids, you would always like to rely on a proficient and comprehensive utility and the Surfblocker 5.0 surely meets the mark. For its overall effectiveness and rich feature set, we allocate a score of four and half rating stars to it.

Publisher's description

Surfblocker helps parents keep kids away from Internet harms and business managers keep employees focused on work.
With Surfblocker you can restrict access to the Web, block harmful content and decide what content is available to your users. You can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can disable connection completely or limit Internet to work with allowed programs and services only. In order to fully enable Internet access, user defined password must be entered. You can easily schedule Internet availability. Timer allows you to disable Internet connection after specified amount of time.
Key features:
* Restrict internet access
* Password protect internet access
* Block adult content hazardous websites
* Block corruptive content
* One-click enable or disable Internet
* Block specific websites
* Allow specific websites
* Limit Internet usage time
* Schedule internet availability
* Internet usage quotas
* Remote control
For Parents:
* Protect your kids from using Internet too much
* Balance Internet use
* Prevent Internet addiction
* Ensure healthy daily routine
For Businesses:
* Keep employees from online entertainment at work
* Increase productivity
* Boost workforce performance
* Allow only work-related stuff
Version 5.2
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